Do you love to play football? If so, you may be looking for a good pair of football cleats for yourself. You may have heard that the cleats should be purchased based on the type of ground you or your kid is going to play on. Cleats are football shoes designed for football players. This article has some tips for you so you can buy your kid the right cleats.

Styles of the Shoes

Football cleats are available in three heights or styles for meeting the needs of players. Let’s know more about each type.

Low-cut: since low-cut shoes are lightweight, most players prefer them to other types of shoes. The low cut allows better maneuverability but lower level of support to your ankle. Therefore, you are more prone to ankle injuries.

Mid-cut: as far as support and maneuverability is concerned, a mid-cut shoe is a good choice. If you love the “skill” positions, you should go for this style. These positions include quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs, just to name a few.

High-tops: The high-tops offer additional support to prevent ankleแทงบอล sprains in case of lateral movements. These shoes are recommended for linemen because of their higher level of support. Linemen move a lot from one side to the other and it puts a lot of pressure on their ankles. And for ankle support, high-tops is a good choice.

Materials of the Shoes

The upper part of the shoes is made from the synthetic material or leather. Let’s know the qualities of both.

Synthetics: as opposed to the leather, synthetics are not so durable or expensive. This material is cheap. In most of the football shoes, synthetic material is used as it provides support to your ankle, mid-foot and the forefoot.

Leather: This common material is used for making shoes more comfortable and flexible. The best thing about leather is its durability. However, this material is relatively more expensive.

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