House Removals London

Moving homes can be one of life’s most stressful events, especially in London, and so choosing the right house removal company makes all the difference. At Best Man and Van, we will help make your move as organised, efficient and stress-free as possible. We can even pack everything for you if need be.

We operate our cost-effective home removal services London in North, South, East, West and Central London (and parts of greater London). If you do require our professional packing services, please give us a minimum of one week’s notice prior to the date of your removal. Use our form to get an instant quote now and book your place.

As with any other move, organising and timing are key. One of the most important things to get done well in advance of your house move is to create a checklist. This may be easier said than done, especially if you haven’t moved home for quite sometime.

To ease the process, we have compiled the following checklist below:

House Removal Checklist

Ideally you should aim to complete the following tasks one month before your move:

  • Get some boxes: We recommend the use of double ply boxes that can take heavy items packed on top of each other.
  • Labels: Make sure you have labels or marker pens at hand so that you can note the contents of each box, where it should be placed or who it belongs to.
  • Packing Material: You can never have too much packing material. Securing boxes with extra packing material will cost you less in the long run than having to replace a broken item.
  • Excavate: Go through each area of your property that is used for storage including garages, sheds, lofts, cellars/basements, spare rooms etc and clear out any unwanted items.
  • Gas and electricity: Notify your current suppliers of your move. You may also wish to check price comparison websites to see who is offering the cheapest deal in your new area.
  • Water: Notify your supplier of your move and find out who supplies your new area.
  • Council tax: Notify the local council of your move. It is good to check council tax brackets on local land-registry or council websites to avoid being over-charged.
  • Telephone, fax, broadband and cable: If your house move is local then you may be able to keep the same telephone provider and phone number. It is always good to check whether your current provider(s) cover the new area.
  • TV license: Don’t forget to notify the license provider of your move.
  • Contact: Get in touch with any bank, loan, pension, savings and other companies as well as Inland Revenue and the HM Passport Office of your change of address.
  • Cars: Contact the DVLA to transfer the registered keepers address, inform insurance, breakdown service. If you require a parking permit for your new residence, order one in advance.
  • Doctors, dentists, opticians, schools: Update your contact information and inform of any insurances you may have taken out related to your move.
  • Make sure to inform your friends, family and work place of your new contact information.
  • Avoid going food shopping until you have completely emptied your fridge/freezer!

A few weeks prior to your moving date, you may wish to go through some the above transfers with the existing residents of your new home.

In the final weeks leading up to your house removal London:

Make your keys readily available for your sale or letting agent. Check that you possess all the keys to your new home including any keys for doors, windows, padlocks, sheds etc. Request the details of any existing alarm systems.
Always keep your valuables and important documents in a safe place. Preferably carry them on your person or pack them separately from other items. Other useful items to carry with you are:

  • Cleaning spray(s) and kitchen towels
  • Toilet rolls
  • A torch and/or light bulbs
  • Bottles of water
  • Hand wash, shower gel, toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels
  • Rubbish bags and anti-bacterial wipes
  • A small selection of tools, such as a screwdriver to remove and replace your door locks
  • Mobile, laptop, home phone chargers
  • And of course a kettle and tea, coffee